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Friday, October 29, 2010


Here comes the final months for this semester, with one more experiment to run, and three group assignments to hand in (not yet started), and class test!

Stop teaching tuition in November, so I guess I will have more time to complete my assignments I hope.

Not to forget tomorrow I am having training for Janda Baik Program, which will be held on 12th to 14th November.
Oh ya, there is a class test on 15th November too!
Well, the problem now is that I could not think of any game that can play with kids, with a theme of BERDIKARI. I seriously blame my gene for lacking of creativity, I found this characteristic is especially important this semester somehow. Haha. Any way to improve it?

Disappointed Kelly for not joining their Phuket trip, sorry Kelly!
Join our Taiwan trip if it's on next year, k?
We need to grab the opportunities to have more fun before we have to get into working life!
Ahhhhhhhhh, can I be rich now so I could travel more?

I miss Serdang gang very much. I need to get crazy with them! I need laughters and tears. Jimui and hengdai, when can we have fun again? =)

Counting down to semester end, which means the day is near too.
The day when I can see you again!
Pray pray pray, no changes in flight!
Even if it has to be, only can be earlier but not postpone hopefully. Hehe.

Because I really miss you very much!

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