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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Just de Beginning...

Year 2 is obviously more hectic and heavy than Year 1!
I guess I haven't really prepare for it, yet I'm already now in second week of it. The course outlines were something I never really bother in Year 1, but now they are seriously my first source of stress.
Own-designed researches, reports, colloquium presentations, and the already been increased experiment participation hours!
After feeling tonnes of works are piling up on my whole semester, I lost all sense of getting bonus marks, or perhaps I will have to visit CPCS (Center For Psychological And Counselling Services) out of my own need rather than to gain the bonus marks?

Anyway, today morning me, Mei, Hei and Bie went to Klang for breakfast and a walk! Pretty awesome morning with them, I miss Xing and Kak! ='(
It was Mei's spontaneous idea last night, she wanted to have Bak Kut Teh for breakfast since she miss pork so much. Haha. So today 8am+ Bie drove us to Klang to search for Bak Kut Teh.
Why must be Klang?
It wasn't because Klang is famous for Bak Kut Teh, it's purely our 'wei-ness'. Can't help, we just like doing bizarre thing, who cares? Like they always said, do whatever you feel like doing when you're still young regardless of your image! Haha. I wonder are we still that young? Hehe.

So we called and woke some friends up to ask for direction and suggestion too. So sorry but we seriously blur that time. Hehe. After turning around from shops to housing area and back to shops, we finally decided to take Bie's friend's suggestion - Fei Kay (aeroplane) Bak Kut Teh! Frankly we think we can find tastier one in KL or even in Serdang. However the Bak Kut Teh was fair, not too bad though. What I really enjoyed was the chit-chat session, with laughter which I had been missing for a long time. I laughed a lot today, feel so tired. Haha. After our satisfying breakfast, we paid a visit to the Bukit Tinggi Aeon Jusco, the largest Aeon Jusco I had ever see. Haha. Shopped for two hours and we girls bought a T-shirt each, while Bie bought a shirt. Hei and Mei were directly and indirectly trying to influence and persuade me to skip class after that, a lot of funny things they had done. Haha. Unfortunately still I manage to get back for class, only that I was late for half hour. Dr. Goh started class late too today, so I was considered on time. Hehe. Sorry my jimuis, your mission failed! Haha.

Oh, Mei brought us crystal pendants from Kedah! They were all in apple's shape, only different in colour. I picked the blackish one. Thanks Mei! =)
It was very funny when I saw Hei had all the pink crystal in her hands, leaving others all inside the plastic. Pink crystal brings romance love. HAHA! She said she just wanted to pick the best among all the pinky pendants indeed, but I still laughed when I saw that. She restricted me for picking pink one initially, she said I already have love. Haha. Before back home, I expressed my urge to go to beach, and so I hope Mei will be really making something on soon! Hehe.
I love spontaneous trip! =)

Long-distance relationship couples in fact are happier than geographically together couples?
Suddenly evidences pop out in mind to prove what Dr. Goh said. I guess it was right. Distance makes heart grow fonder, at the same time, blurring the weaknesses you can see from your partner.
Idealize and perfectify, perhaps that's why it works too.
If possible, I would like to read the thesis from the mentioned student, or rather, research on it too. Haha. Bear with me my group mates, I won't suggest this topic for our researches this semester. Simply because we need snowballing to get long-distanced couples, that's not easy at all. Haha.

Sorry to Yen for not attending her be-earlied birthday celebration tomorrow after class. No transport and I have to rush to tuition at night. Hope you all enjoy it and take photos let me see!
Happy Birthday to Yen in advance! =)

We share the same feelings today, aren't we?
No worries, I believe good things come later, but never too late!
So let's jiayou together!
Good night!

** Sometimes we just don't know what's wrong inside, but there're times we actually know yet cannot tell.
** I need capability now rather than motivation.


Hon said...

wow long post..

blackish pendant to enhance your evilness? haha

hope good things come fasterrrrrr...! ♥

SVoon said...

Yea, that made me sleep late last night! XD
Eherm, probably because I'm too angel so I need some evilness to balance out?

Yeap, good things will come, now you gonna work for it to come! =)

yen said...

hehehehe...no worries...i can c your "xing yi"...=P
yeah~~ definitely a heavy year...nvm..we will work this out together! =)
p/s: I know it!! u will put the long distance r/s talk on your blog...LOL

SVoon said...

Saw de photos, I think u guys had fun!
Nvm, belanja u makan next week! =)
HAHA I know u all kind of looking at me when Dr. Goh talking bout LDR!
Yea, so easily identify myself with what Dr. Goh said. XD