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Friday, August 27, 2010


21082010 - 22082010

Joined 30-Hour Famine Camp again, this time at my own college, as volunteer. Totally different experience from last year, I could say that this year I had a more relaxing 30 hours. Haha. Although we need to be there at 6.30am, yet we had pretty much resting time when the games were off. As compared to the campers who needed to fully participate every session and games, as volunteers we're much more relaxing. The committees and emcees were the ones who really busy I guess. Good job everyone! =)

So after registered ourselves, changed into camp's T-shirt, we were briefed for the final time, then we went for our breakfast (last meal before we started to fast). I was so happy that volunteers got the black T-shirt as well, because the white T-shirt last year wasn't really nice. Well, I saw the camper's shirt at HELP were in better cutting and quality anyway. Hehe. We had Mc Donald's breakfast. I still in love with Milo! =)

Basically volunteers had a lot of time to rest or hang around, we only helped out in both the Famine Challenges. Can you imagine some of us still managed to take a nap? Hehe. Yea, I took a 20 mins nap as well, in air-cond theatre. Made many new friends, from different colleges, even high schools. Keep refilling water as nothing else is allowed to eat or drink. Some said the water from water dispenser taste sweet! I agreed with them indeed, wonder if the sponsor worried we might faint so added glucose in it? Haha!

Oh ya, it's Yaya's birthday! So we sang birthday song for her, and for Ah Mian whose birthday was a week ago, and gave them their presents. Hope they would love the bags! =)

The night sleeping on theatre's stage was super duper freezing cold! My friends woke up before alarm rang but I refused to get out from my sleeping bag, still so pig even was freezing. Hehe. The morning was fun, we were off duties, so just joined the campers. Marcus and Vin successfully made everyone fully awake by dancing, hot dance! Wow! Cameras were all non-stop capturing and recording, just like the post-famine FB fever now. Everyone is still excited! =)

Met Hei and WanJun at Bukit Jalil before headed to our seats. They were exhausting, as compared to me. The concert was better than last year I guess, yet I was really tired and dizzy the last few hours. The retractable seat in stadium did not allow me to sleep, really not comfortable enough. Luckily by the last hour before break fast, a sentimental letter read by Fish Leong kind of shaken me awake. I cried. The song she sang after that was sad enough to make me continue crying. Haha. I like that song actually.

The main ambassador this year finally appeared at 3.40pm. Nicholas Teo shared his experiences with us, then sang us two songs. It was past 4pm when he was singing the last song, we already had our V-Soy and bread with us, yet still need to wait for the countdown together. Haha. That was really torturing! Finally he finished the song and we countdown break fast, V-Soy is awesome! =)

Daddy fetched me home after that. Bathed and took an hour nap. At night we went for steamboat buffet at a newly open shop near my house, with grandma along. It was for brother's belated birthday actually. Was satisfied, especially I had two big bowls of vanilla ice-cream with chocolate rice! =)


There is a tumour, sized a small fish ball, on my back for about two years since I realized it. Yet it didn't affect much, not itchy not pain. Consulted a clinic doctor early this year while I was sick, and he said if it's not pain, I could just leave it. However, it started to pain whenever I touched it last week. Hence, I made an appointment with a specialist in hospital in the morning.

The doctor had nothing much to say, just cut it off, he said. The operation was done at noon the same day. Pretty soon, but sooner or later it gonna be, so I just accepted. I was only partly under anesthesia, so I could still feel pain and hearing those clinging sound of tools. Trying hard to divert my thinking to other place, but the pain brought me back every few seconds. Fortunately it ended in half hour time.

Basic daily routines become more difficult and time-consuming now. I only can sleep on sides or face down. Bathing takes me one hour time everyday, bathed till sweating everytime. Driving is tiring too. Need not to say, many food was not allowed for the sake of my wound. Perhaps Ai was right, all these turn me into a grumpy girl lately. Aikz!


Unable to attend Xing's farewell, missed a lot of fun I guess. Hope she had a safe flight today, and enjoy her life in Russia. Take care ya Xing! We will miss you! =)


Finally enrolled the subjects for my first semester of Year 2. Gotta be prepared for a new semester soon. Year 2 should be tougher, so hopefully I could be less procrastinate (I know it's impossible to be totally get rid of it). Results were out too, I know I should do better next semester but not convince myself that's average result anymore. All the best to me! =)

看你的信会痛 连沉默也痛


《会呼吸的痛》 - Fish Leong

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