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Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh my holiday!

My one-and-a-half-month semester break is now counting down two weeks left only! So unproductive I have been, neither working, studying nor even playing hard... I think what I had been doing most were PPS-ing, sleeping and eating...

Today while waiting for Qi to cheung k, I dropped by Borders and flipped through a few Psychology books... I feel like reading them all!
Yea, suddenly this reading spree attacks! Yet purchasing all the books isn't a wise choice, so I'm thinking maybe I could just read my Sociology textbook first... Haha... I doubt I'll be using it again in any other subject, furthermore only a few chapters were covered in finals, so there are more for me to read now...
Hopefully starting with that book wouldn't kill my spree! Haha!

Other than that, I think I really should get myself to clean my cupboards and wardrobe soon before the holiday ends... I've been postponing it for months already, not again this time... I got quite some clothes to be donated I guess, yet I haven't sort them out, and still buying new clothing all these while... Hehe...
Oh ya, I gotta spend less and save more too! =)

Hate and love AirAsia for having so many promotions lately! Ahhhhhhh!

Without you too I get sleepy earlier, so good night everyone! =)

** Do not compare too much, when it's unnecessary and turning unhealthy.
** I love the call from you, I love you!

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Hon said...

sleep tight, muax ♥