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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mommy forgot to buy me lunch this afternoon, I was annoyed.

Daddy cooked both the dishes with prawns for dinner, he forgot I'm not allowed to eat seafood now, I was annoyed again.

Come to think for a while, how many times I had neglected others' needs?
Did I too make many unhappy?

I'm a patient now, but it does not mean I deserve more.
There're still a lot more for me to learn.

I'm not disabled, perhaps I should not complain that much. =)

** Sorry for being so grumpy today! =(


kak said...

Awesome reflecting! I'm trying to do that too every time i feel like a volcano erupting. Life's too short to be mad at others but not too short to improve ourselves~

SVoon said...

I'm still a learner, to put my thinking into action.
Can I just remove de volcano inside me?
So I can no need worry when it will be erupting?