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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Holiday Updates

20100723 - 20100724

Suppose to meet Ai at MidValley at 8pm, surprisingly KTM station was still super crowded after peak hour, thus only get onto Ai's car at 8.30pm. Headed to Pudu to meet up with Bei and her boyfriend, then they brought us to Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, Ampang. Bei strongly recommended us this nasi lemak, and declared it as 'the world's BEST nasi lemak ever' she had eaten. Not too bad, kind of tasty and special kuah it has, and the Limau Ais was really nice with this special fragrant smell which we still haven't figure out what was it. =)

After dinner we then back to Bei's house to stayover, without her boyfriend of course. Haha! Girls talk (gossips) night is always fun, right? *wink* So I was intended to sleep at 2am when I was really tired already, but somehow, an interesting topic kept me awake till 4am+. So we only slept in early morning, in the forever night mode room of Bei. Fantastic!

Alarm was set at 8am, off-ed, and continued our sweet dreams till noon. As expected, we were not able to taste the yummy vegetarian which only available in Saturday morning near Bei's house. Hehe. After wash up, we had Yong Tao Fu for lunch, where Bei's boyfriend joined us later. Finished lunch, said goodbye to Bei and her boyfriend, Ai fetched me to HELP to hand in my Famine 30 donation booklet. Then she dropped me to MidValley and I took KTM home.

Missed the outing with JianWai and Serdang gang. I was tired when home too. So just stay home when ChengChun called for yumcha at night. Anyway, the stayover night was great, I get to know a lot, about different aspects in life I guess.

Don't emo Bei! (I know you're right now)

Another 3 months and you're back home here, forever! =)


GLing is back home again! It was like our annual meet up I feel, we had this one-on-one outing every year once, and hardly meet again. So this time we made it at One Utama, themed skirt or dress with heels on! =)

Reached One U at 12pm hence we gotta missed 11.40am Inception, so we got ourselves the 2.40pm tickets, which were later proven - worth it all! While we had some time before the movie, we went Garden Cafe for lunch. The food was okay, but the place was nice. We love that big tree! Hehe. Then no doubt, we took many photos again (like our annual activity), and as GLing said: Everytime the photos took with you look nice! =)

We were actually 10 minutes late for the movie, due to the photo session, but cinemas here have really a lot ads and trailers. We're still early to be seated before the movie began. Two and a half hour movie, required a lot of brain activity, incredible storyline, climax most of the time, and that all made a good movie - Inception is awesome! GLing watched it twice and still found it nice. Thanks girl anyway for accompany for movie you've watched! =)

Had a walk and went Honeymoon for dessert, met Ai and Qi, and Wanning showed up later. The tongyun was not nice. =(

Sent GLing back home then I went home too. Tired day as well, yet it's a great day for me. I hope it was for you too! We're still in some way, certain aspects, thinking aligned. I love this kind of feeling, talking to someone who really understand, it's called bond.

All the best to you GLing, in everything! =)

20100731 - Morning

Hardly believe it that I made myself onto Broga Hill again. Everytime I walk halfway up the hill, I asked myself again why I gonna torture myself again? I'm not good in stamina, not at all, get pale and feel like throwing up in awhile after exercising. Anyhow, yesterday I went Broga Hill for the third time.

After just 3 hours sleep, I went to pick Xing then headed to CHS to meet HuiQi, CziXian and KayChong. Later we decided that we go by my car, so I gotta drive. Reached Broga at 5.30am, and we started our journey. CziXian and Xing were fast, we lost their way halfway uphill. Qi and KayChong looked after me and waited for me quite a few times when I needed to rest. Regret eating so late, so full and so heavy the night before. Stomachache and felt like vomiting too. KayChong kept distracting me with jokes and IQ questions but it did not work on me, because my mind wasn't functioning well I guess. Haha. I refused to take his sweets as well, just hate mint so so much! No choice. Hehe.

Finally we reached the first peak at 7am. It was really crazily crowded compare to the last two times I was there. We actually stuck in 'people jam' when going up and down hill. Anyway, it was a cloudy morning so there was no sunrise at all, but it's lucky it did not rain. So we took some photos and went back to our car. Oh ya, we met KokFui and Denise with their church friends there too! Hehe.

CziXian wanted to try the recommended Pan Mee and ABC there but it was closed. So we went back to Kuchai Lama to eat our breakfast. Dropped KayChong back home and Qi with CziXian at CHS, then we headed home too. I took nap just after wash up and change, took bath only after woke up. Hehe.

20100731 - Night

Without any plan, me, Xing, Hei and Bie simply discussed in car and decided to go KL. After considering prices and the rainy weather, we gave up the choices of Delicious, The Ship and Tenji. Pavillion Sakae Sushi was the final choice of us. Haha. The food was delicious I shall say, quite full for we girls too, but not Bie. Haha. We then had dessert at Snowflakes. There're long queue of people too just like what we always see in Subang Snowflakes. In fact it is just icey dessert, I only in love with its Taroballs! =)

The night ends in kind of disappointment for them, as we could not made it to somewhere we wanted to go initially. I was kinda tired so going home earlier than expected wasn't a bad choice for me. Hehe. Had a good sleep, perhaps I was really tired. So good night! =)

Just some little thoughts:

Kinda surprised that I'm still being considered as a 'good girl' after all. Alcohol is never my craving for any reason, in fact I hate the taste and smell of it. Not a bad thing perhaps, other than people always tell me that I might easily get drunk next time when I needed to drink.
No matter for what reasons you want to drink or get wild, please remember you're the one who is responsible for yourself, k?
You know I'm talking to you. =)

I find every relationship works in different ways, only sometimes or someway they might be similar. So don't take any as reference, I think. And since relationship supposed to be a two-person-matter, consult each other more than asking opinions from outsiders sometimes. The ones in love should know what they want and how to make it works better. After all a relationship still depends on the two in it. Currently am still learning, to be better, without putting all and only attention on this aspect in life. Am still thinking and feeling, you're a right one to be with, prove me right please? *wink*

PPS, Facebook, Skype, and SLEEP are occupying my holidays!
Tell me how else I can be more HEALTHY? =)

** Phewww, what a long post! XD

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