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Saturday, July 17, 2010


I always can think of some little stupid things to do when
I'm just TOO FREE.

So today I reread old emails, dated February till the mid of 2009.
I found some familiar words there (MAS pillow, Subway etc)!
Now we talk and think for each other in different way.
Somehow miss the way I wrote for you last time.
Time really flies, although we always don't think it is for now.
We made a change in one year time (to be exact it just took 2 months), where will us heading to in the future? =)

End of my free time, going to Bon Odori soon! =)


Hon said...

haha...what la you dear... really too free d la... gotta go check and see myself too^^

SVoon said...

HAHA u cannot!
coz this is for ppl like me who is in holiday and too free only do de, u started ur class!!! XD

yenyen said...

soooo sweet~~~ =P
i let people fly aeroplane on that day...so bon odori is the word that triggers my bad memory...bad gege!!! >.<

SVoon said...

Bon Odori was not a fun event, it's friends that matter afterall! =)