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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Girls • Talk

I really appreciate the night, even though there're pretty much gossips as well, but it taught me a lot of things.
It made me think deeper, stimulated me to reshape my thoughts on those significant things and people in my life.
It's time to shift my priority in life, or rather to say, balance what I have been overemphasized or neglected.
I guess being oversea for studies do make people realized, felt and learnt a lot, isn't it?
Suddenly feel that you girls are the grown ups compared to me.
You girls know more about life than me now.
And thanks for telling me:
Malaysia is still the best somehow. =)

I miss the old days of us.
Yet I'm looking forward for every possible meet up in the future, near future I hope.
You girls let me know that:
Good old friends remain the best, emotionally in particular.

Can we be best friends forever? =)


Qi said...

这还用问?!! 当然啦!:)

SVoon said...