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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's time for a break! =)

Officially said bye-bye to my Year 1 Sem 2 yesterday, and so started my two-weeks sem break!

Regarding finals, some lecturers were 'kind' to us, some were not that kind I would say... Haha... Anyway, it's impossible for all questions to be easy, so will not complain on the questions anymore...
Yet my lovely results, please don't fail me! XD

Yesterday after our last paper at evening, me, Yen, Yaya and Mian went to MidValley for Ice Kacang Puppy Love! It's a Malaysia production cast by mostly all Malaysian chinese stars, with totally Malaysia's culture and background... The bank notes in 80's and the most impressive part - the early morning solat from surau! HAHA!
I love the character of 'Barley Bing' the most!
It's an awesome movie to me, I especially like the technique how many scenes were captured... Peaceful and just, nice!
No happy ending for this movie, yet not a bad ending I suppose, it's just not those endings where main characters must end up living happily forever... Puppy love is just as pure as that perhaps...
Like what was said in the movie: the special feeling for puppy love will forever be kept in memories! =)

Feel proud of Malaysia movie suddenly, waiting for the coming up Malaysia production next week - The Cycle of Love...
Hope it will be another good production of Malaysians! =)

Finished movie at 10.50pm, dropped Yen and Mian to Bukit Jalil LRT station before home... I drove pretty fast yesterday, hope they were not scared by my driving skills ba! XD
Woke up at 9am today, and start downloading stuffs and configuring my new bought laptop... I feel really dumb in handling IT thingy, don't know which to select, which to click yes or no, yet I still manage to get it done... I guess it's okay to be used now? Haha... Nevermind, I can always ask for help from my brother or those 'pro' friends whenever I face any difficulties... XD

Not yet pack for the trip tonight!
Me, Yen and Yaya will follow Christine back to her house at somewhere between Seremban and Malacca, stay over for two nights, and will visit around Seremban and Malacca...
Yen says she will be wearing long skirt, and I think I'll wear along too!

Oh ya, none of us own a digital camera, so as Yen not wanting to only use our handphones, Yaya decided to bring her DSLR! It is not easy to handle DSLR, but Yaya says we can use auto-mode, so wish that we manage to take a lot of photos this time...
Holiday here we come!!!=)

Happy Holiday to my HELP friends!
All de best to my UTAR friends!

** Missing you so much sometimes, wishing you're just by my side now... ♥


yen said...

enjoy the trip so MUCH!! =P
of coz..the movie as well...hehee..

YayA said...

hehe...sorry the DSLR...no battery ><