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Monday, March 29, 2010

A day with laughter =)

An initially lunch date turned into a one-day makan outing! HAHA!
It's fun, fun and FUN! =)
From IOI Boulevard to Sunway Pyramid, back to 'I Love You' Shabu-shabu beside IOI mall, then went uphill for nightview (disappointingly no great effects seen for Earth Hour, lights were still on almost in all houses, sigh!), lastly visited Han-Ming's new house...
Wonder is it too long since I always listened to jokes, laughing for almost everything which the guys think that's not funny at all...
Well, had great laughs with Hei! XD

Ji-Pork (created by Han-Ming), Yang-Pork and Niu-Pork (modified by Hei), Sakiyuki (eherm eherm)...

Old friends are still good, no doubts! =)

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