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Monday, March 15, 2010

Something about LLS

This time finally I found that I'm in a great team! =)

The event yesterday was a bit dull, we thought it was a grand one, anyhow we still had fun after the ceremony, selling merchandise and promoting Earth Hour...
We ourselves purchased many of the merchandise too!
I bought a WWF sunshade for brother, a WWF keychain, and also an Earh Hour T-shirt, cost RM52 in total...
I love the T-shirt somehow! =)

Work perfectly well with all my group mates yesterday, and glad to know more people by now... Just wanna apologize to Citra and Visha as we sometimes talked in mandarin which might make you girls to feel left out, but we're trying hard to get you girls involved...
Hope you girls don't mind ya! =)

Photos are with Jovita, so will post them after I received them... Presentation is postponed to next week, due to the presence of our guest lecturer, Mr. Richard Brynteson from United States... Maybe it was the first time I listened to a white lecturer, it was pretty interesting... Anyway I just feel dumb for not good in critical thinking, and kinda lack of sense for world wide view... Should read up more and more! XD

Agree with something that Mr. Brynteson highlighted, which is Kubler-Ross' model, the stages of grief... A model that demonstrates what people usually go through when undergo great changes in life...
That's quite true when I think of some examples in life, but I think I usually skipped the bargaining and anger part and jumped straight to depression... Haha... Pessimistic thinking perhaps...
Another phrase that Mr. Brynteson mentioned, which I feel quite correct too, sound:
Every changes seem to be a failure in the middle.
Yes, before the changes really take place, we usually feel it's impossible and give up in the middle point, and that's when many possibilities cannot be realized I think...

When encountering dilemma, which values should I be holding on to keep me in the right track and give me the best?
I wonder...

** Thanks Sing Nee for the bread, so sweet of you! =)


yenyen said...

yeah..i like the white lecturer too~ XD

gonna add him in facebook alrd...=P

SVoon said...

haha I haven add yet ler!!!
summore gotta leave him msg to clarify ourselves, if not he won't approve de... XD