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Monday, February 01, 2010

Like I'm still in holidays!

Already 3 weeks since I've started my new semester, but most of my friends thought I'm still holiday-ing, indeed I feel so too! They said they can see new photos of mine keep updated every week, happening life!
Well, seriously I have been playing hard this month, and soon I'm gonna back to my busy life with assignments!
Chinese New Year will be my real end of holidays! ='(

16-17 January 2010
Went Genting Highlands with Hei, Mei, Fei, Hon and Ming for Penny's concert. Fei got free tickets for the concert and also some discount coupons for themepark! So we gathered at MidValley in the morning, Hon drove us to Skyway, and we took cable car up to Genting. Tried to get a room in First World but fully booked, so we decided to try again in de evening. Headed to Outdoor Themepark and started our day! =)

Spinning Cup is FUN! Thanks to my freak partner Fei for spinning with me! Haha! Me and Ming did not take Pirate Ship, we just took photos for them down there. Hei felt like vomiting and dizzy after the ride. We took the boat ride in Dinosaur Park as some of us never been there before, but it disappointed us! Haha! Had lunch at KFC at about 3.30pm, and went for a 3D show indoor. Not bad but I felt a bit dizzy after watching that, the 3D specs caused it perhaps. Went for Antique Car ride and Boat Pedaling afterwards, then we split into two groups; me, Mei and Fei went First World while the rest of them went to Genting World Resort for room enquiry again. Finally we got a room in First World for RM340, kinda expensive indeed, anyhow we need a room or else we might suffering cold at midnight! Haha. We 3 girls get to the room and showered while the guys back to themepark to play Go-Cart. After the guys were back and rested for a while, we headed to Star Arena for the concert.

The concert was not that great as I expected, but still, Penny can really sings well! =)
It's touched to listen to some of her old songs, and also from the two VIP guests! The night was cold once we walked back to First World, but I survived the night with only my thin jacket! Like what Hei said, I became so strong already! Hehe! Had dinner, or more to supper, before our movie started. The Spy Next Door. I'm really not into this kind of movie, moreover my contact lens were super duper dry, so I slept a little while in the cinema. They enjoyed the movie pretty much I guess! =)

We slept at about 4am. Ming and Fei woke up at 8.30am for buffet breakfast, while me, Hei and Hon went for a walk.
Morning breeze is just too comfortable! =)
And I enjoyed walking on cobblestones! It's refreshing and healhty! Haha. Took some photos at the garden and we're back to hotel ready to check out. Had Bak Kut Teh for lunch at Gohtong Jaya before Hon dropped us back home one by one. Here ends my first weekends of new semester! Hehe.

21 January 2010
Jovan's back! Went for yumcha with him after tuition with Mei, Tham, YaoXuen and Didi at Pitstop. He is almost doubled his size when he was in Malaysia, but feel like a pillow when hugged him! Haha. Chit-chat with them until about 12.30am. =)

22 January 2010
Spontaneous lunch at Kuchai Lama KFC with Didi, YaoXuen and Hei! I love spontaneous! Haha! Chit-chat for 2 hours before my daddy came picked me up to college. Winnie's lecture always make me tension! No fooling around, or else we might get a spontaneous quiz in class! (This is only when I dislike spontaneous!) Anyhow, we got a quiz that day at the end of the lecture as she heard people packing before she dismissed us. Sigh!

Hon and Hei picked me up later and we headed to Jensen's house for the costume party organized by Form 6. Feeling a bit weird first reached there, don't really close with most of the people, mostly ex-schoolmates. Mingled around with some old friends and made some new friends too. Not really an enjoyable party, so we left at 11pm. Dropped ChunYong to CHS to get his car, and we tried to get tickets for movie at MidValley. No good movies, no good seats, so we decided to have supper at Steven's Corner at OUG. Hon fetched us back after that at about 2am.

I skipped my LLS101 replacement class the next morning as I was too tired, and the lecture was not that interesting I would say. Oops! Haha.

30 January 2010

Broga again! Yeah! This time for sunset! =)

Met Kelly at Bukit Jalil station and led her to Hei's house. Ah Lun, driver of the day, with Mei and YaoXuen, came to pick us up at about 2.30pm. Had lunch at Broga - Grilled Ikan Bakar and Vege! Super duper sunny and hot, but we still visited the temple and took quite a lot of photos there. Hehe.

Started to climb Broga Hill at about 5.50pm, and we reached the top at 6.20pm, much more quicker then last time. It was so windy up there! You will probably feel lighter up there because the wind is kinda like blowing you away! Haha. We thought there'll be no sunset that day as the clouds all blocking the sun, so we decided to went down quick before the sky get darker. Once we going down, we saw the pretty orange-ish red sunset! Stopped halfway and managed to snap a few shots! =)

Me, Mei and Kelly ran down fast, while Ah Lun and YaoXuen accompanied Hei to get down slow behind. Then we took a rest at Mei's grandpa house before back to Serdang for dinner. It's lucky that it's not raining at Broga that day, because we got to know that there're rains at Sunway, PJ and Serdang when we're in Broga! =)

Still Facebook and MSN after we all reached home, although all of us complaining tired! Haha. Fun day!

31 January 2010

Went shopping with Hei at Timesquare and Sg Wang. We're both still tired and suffering from muscle ache due to Broga Hill climbing last night, but still manage to shop for about 5 hours. The malls were crowded with people, and we were amazed by some scenes.
First, we saw the shops crowded with girls and aunties, and once we slipped out, a row of guys and uncles were waiting out there! Haha.
Second, we were shocked when we're going to take escalator, we actually need to
Holiday shopping is just too scary! Haha. Bought kinda lot of things, especially Hei, and we went home at 5.30pm.

Ate Wendy's for brunch and ShihLin Chicken Chop and Tempura for snacks! OMG, we're two fatties! Haha!

Took nap right after home, and woke up by Tham's phone call. Meeting up with Jovan's girlfriend, Wing, at night. Yumcha until 12am and back home Facebook and MSN until 1.30am.

I'm just like a panda now, sleeping so late recently! Scary!

Met up with Yau and Hon too last last Tuesday I think, forgot the exact date... Have faith Yau! At the same time don't slack your studies ar! Haha... Good luck wei!
And of course gotta thank Hon for fetching me back for do-not-know-how-many-times already! Really appreciate it! =)

Basically, that were my January, crazy outings!
Hope mommy won't ground me so soon!
I will be guai guai again after CNY! Hehe!
Happy CNY soon everyone! =)

Oh ya, KAK, we must meet up before you fly to Australia!!!!!!!!

** How playful I actually can be, scary!
** Too many more to blog, this is only the brief version!


alantanblog said...

I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=81317897674

SVoon said...

yeap yeap, I enjoyed it pretty much! =)