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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY 2010

It's de fourth day of CNY now, and it's getting more and more boring at home... What a CNY... Haha...
Do my statistics homework for some days, but still haven't manage to finish... Wonder if I can survive in finals with my speed right now... Aikz!
Haven't even start LLS101 individual assignment at all, tell me you all haven't start it too please my pals!
Tell me you all are enjoying CNY and slacking for studies like me! XD
Midterm week is just around the corner, I shall sleep with my textbook tonight... Biopsych should be occupying my head but not CNY anymore I guess, trying hard! Hehe...

Had dimsum for breakfast continuously two days! That's so so fattening!
It's like torturing my stomach for eating so much these few days, luckily I do not eat those CNY snacks much... Haha...
Sleeping late during CNY too, pimplesss! Sigh...

Chat with cousins previous day, our childhood are fun! Hahahahaha... We did so many stupid things, and had so many special memories! =)
Now we're all grown up, our lives seldom intersect anymore, but still we hope next time when we form our own family, we will still visit each other during CNY... =)

Daddy and brother are now at AWANA Terengganu, hope they having fun! Enjoy and have a safe trip ya! =)

** de time limit is getting nearer and nearer, should I feel relief?

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