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Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy with Life =)

Had a great meet up with Kelly, Ai and Bei on Wednesday night, after my last paper! =)

It was an awesome night, listened to little little stories from Ai and Bei, made us understand more about Americans' and Australians' cultures, don't we Kelly? Haha!
Of course, a lot of jokes emerged when the cultures mixed, especially rojak with Malaysia ones... Kelly and I laughed until our stomachs hurt!
Pretty funny night we had! =)

Headed to Bangsar Shopping Centre solely for photo-taking! *wink*
Shops and stalls were closed but the lobby was still available for us, so we took the advantage to snap as many shots as possible, making use of those items there... We had a brilliant director Bei and a professional photographer Kelly!
For photos reference, kindly find it through my FB page! XD

Stay-over at Bei's house that night, and finally I managed to see Qi!
Through Skype of course, but how much I hope she's here with us too!
Talked to her while she was busy eating!
Don't eat so much junk food ar Qi! XD

Bei let me sleep on her bed, thanks a lot my dear!
Sorry for letting you freezing down there! =(

Both of us woke up only at 11am and spent our whole afternoon at Neway... 6 hours of singing, we end up shouting instead of singing properly because it's really tiring... I think the bunch of people beside our room thought both of us "sat luin" *touchwood*, keep on stalking us outside our door... Haha...

Bei fetched me back and lost her way home... Luckily she managed to find another exit... Good job Bei! If you miss the turning and headed to Kajang, I really cannot save you! Haha... Sleep until today noon and had my favourite Lui Cha as brunch! =)
Still feeling a little bit headache, perhaps not resting well...
Anyhow, my holidays just started and I'm so not gonna waste it!
Precious 3 weeks time, and I gotta meet with many long-time-no-see friends, and of course my new college mates too! =)
In fact, I need more financial support to have a great holiday!
Holiday is fun and nevertheless, money consuming... Haha...
Dear Santa, can I have cash for my present this year please? XD

Just found out my life is actually nothing bad, and I started to appreciate it so much! I have good friends, great family, and I think luck still not yet fail me in my study so far... Certainly luck won't always so good to me, I will work hard started next semester I promised!
Just proudly saying: I'm pretty happy with my life now! =)

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