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Saturday, December 05, 2009

De Burfdae Buddies =)

Venue: Roadside
Event: HanYong's and JingHooi's Surprise Birthday Celebration
Date: 03 Dec 2009
Time: 11.45pm

Had great fun in Pitstop, then headed to Mei's mom's stall nearby for second round.

** Group Photo **

Ah Lun (our main actor) who led the way, suddenly "car broke down".
The four cars stopped by roadside, and everyone got down to assist.
Mei and Tham busy lighting up the candles for the cake in YaoXuen's car.
Ah Lun 'checked' and said that his car actually 'water boiled'!
(Note: It was raining, we all carrying umbrella to check the car)
Just when Ah Lun took out a bottle and wanna add water......

Happy Burfdae to you,
Happy Burfdae to you,
Happy Burfdae to Bie/JingHooi~
Happy Burfdae to you!

(Both the birthday boys looked so shocked and surprised!)
(Note: The rain suddenly stopped while the cake was out)

Proceeded to auntie's stall to settle the yummy Blueberry Cake! =)

** Made wishes and blew candles by roadside **

** Before **

** Get ready **

** After **

** Happy Burfdae ** =)

It was a very success surprise celebration at special place with talented actors! Indeed we just want the birthday boys to have such a memorable last teen birthday! (Oops, next year 20 already!)
I personally very enjoyed the night, crapping talking laughing until 2am, because it dragged me back to the precious memories of trips we had!
Nostalgia I may sound, but still wanna say, old times and old friends are always special, and irreplaceable! =)

**Xing, how much we hope you're here with us last night! ='(


YayA said...

lol voonzai, never know u still hav a great time wif frens be4 exam! XD no wonder cant finish lar =P

SVoon said...

hahaha even I stay home also won't start so soon de lor~ XD

yenyen said...

XD...nvm la...got leng zai ler...if me i also give up the revision time la....hahahaha....coz read jor = no read~~