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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Broga Hill


Finally I went Broga Hill~
It's a bit out of my expectation to be so tiring and difficult to climb up (walk up should be), but still it worth!
The stars and the moon, the wind and the cloud, and of course the sun up there are all beautiful!
I especially love the starry sky before sunrise! =)

Two cars from Serdang, Kah Eng and Ah Lun, drove us to Broga at 5am... It is pretty early but the feel was just nice! It reminds me of our journey to Langkawi! While in car, Hei was non-stop calling my name with her special tone (something like "Bowl eh"), and I actually felt warm instead of annoyed... I think I really miss her too much! Haha...
Upon reaching, we stopped by at an "old-style" kopitiam, where Kah Eng had her Roti Bakar... Met up with YaoXuen they all and we started our journey to the top!

Kah Eng forgot to remind us to bring torchlight and well, she herself didn't bring too... So with the aid of the only mini-torchlight from YaoXuen, and the light from other hikers, we walked up carefully... The path was indeed steep and slippery, so YaoXuen led us, discovering routes for us... Ah Lun walked in middle of us, to lend his helping hands! Haha... ChengChun was kind enough to walk last to be the supporter... He really helped me a lot...
Thanks Di, you're just so caring! =)

After hearing many times of "Reaching soon!", finally we reached the first spot! It's not yet the peak, but I already had no energy to climb up higher... We rest for a while and started the only activity there
-- take photos! XD
The view up there is pretty magnificent! The mini houses and lands could all be seen from top! This is when we missed Kelly (for her camera)! Haha... Our limited handphones megapixels could only captured nice photos after the sky became brighter... Nonetheless, we still took more than about 300 photos in total within one hour time! Thanks to YaoXuen of course for contributing so many candid shots! XD
Will go to Hei's house to save those photos next time, so photos pending for this post! =)

The sun started to shine and it's hot so we went down for breakfast! Kah Eng told me that we need to "slide" down!
For your info, I wore a white shorts (new one)!
So I decided to sacrifice my jacket, tying it under my waist... Anyhow, it only required us to walk down as how we walked up, but the path is still, steep and slippery... So with the same formation we together back to our cars safely! =)

Headed to Kah Eng's aunt's house for simple washing and changing clothes, then we had Pan Mee and ABC as our breakfast... Ah Lun wanted to stay for Ikan Bakar initially, but ChengChun need to be back by 12pm... Hence, we went home at about 11am...

Everyone was tired but I think they enjoyed the morning as I do! =)
It was very lucky that it doesn't rain today despite the raining season now, and now think back, I should not have complaint so much for the big hot sun!
The only thing is that I did not shout at the top as I wanted to! >.<
There're too many people around, and I don't want to be weird... Yet still, I feel relief after sweating damn a lot... With old and good friends, no doubt, can temporarily ease my tension for studies too! I want to go more green places and of course blue - the sea! =)
Will our Pangkor trip on?

** Sorry Mei, WaiYee and Joel for couldn't make it for today! ='(

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