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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Attended BPsych Freshmen Lunch last Saturday...
It was great, maybe I expected too low... Haha...

We were all compulsory to wear robes!
Felt like graduating wearing that (they all said I was dreaming, and yes, I was)!
The catering food was delicious (but I don't like the Ice-Kacang)!
And for those who know me well, glad to inform that finally I get to TAKE PHOTOS with HELP fellow!
It had been really months I didn't take photos in college, and this made me miss TD5 a lot! When will be our gathering since you guys are all having sem break now?
PingLon, yumcha! XD

Assignments and movie review due soon!
Guess what?
I didn't even know about the format!
That's just so me! >.<
Have to figure it out asap...
Not to mention, mid-term tests are coming up next week!
Seriously, life is getting stressful and stressful nowadays...
Especially when I see my coursemates are really paying hard effort to cope with their studies, I feel not only pressured, but pretty shame and guilty... I'm not trying hard again, sigh! As Yaya asked me, I think I should change my laziness already, for my own sake...

Oh ya, a million thank you to Yaya for dropping me at MV everytime I need to take public transport back home... You really do me a big convenience! Well, it also causes me to buy some (more) food to eat when walking to the KTM station in MV...
That's another big problem for me recently! >.<

Received HaoWen's message today when I was at bus-stop... He said he saw someone looks like me outside library, and yea, it's me... So ya, I met a senior in HELP! Haha... Moreover he is living in the same housing area with me (he not yet move to anywhere I guess?)...
The feel is great meeting an old friend, from same area, same school and of course, same Ah Gor's bus!
I miss 3999 the memorable bus man! =)

Qi, Ai and Xing had already left for weeks...
Wondering if they're adapting to their completely new life?
Have they already get through the tough times?
Able to cope with their studies?
Too much wonders...
Jiayou ya all my jimui! =)

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