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Friday, October 16, 2009

Let's go SWEATING!

I want to go cycling, swimming, hiking, badminton or any sports!
Feel like releasing all my energy now and sweat a lot!
I know I got a presentation this coming Friday, and an individual assignment due on the same day too (which I haven't start at all, as usual), but I seriously want to go out!
I love trees, I love flowers, I love grass, I love sea, I love nature~
Who want to go sweating with me? =)

** Good luck SAM and STPM friends, and to those UTARians who are going to start your second semester, wait for me to go find you all! XD


T' said...

we're always waiting for u~
nex sem will b kinda free...

SVoon said...

why sem 2 will be free de?
dec got holidays too right?

T' said...

cuz short sem n only 2 subj
yeap, dec got holiday =)