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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

First Day.

It was like ages ago since I have to climb out from my warm pillow early at 6am! It's definitely torturing for a sleeping queen (bowl) like me!
First lecture started at 8am, and I reached 40 minutes earlier (before the auditorium unlocked yet)... Went in and simply chose a seat behind, ignoring who will be sitting around me, I just felt headache! Lack of sleep indeed... And my too cheesy breakfast (Blueberry Cheesetart + Cheesecake), which satisfied my craving for cheese, yet causing my stomach feeling so unwell for the whole morning...
Never say cheese in days! >.<

Alone all the while for today class, which made me started to doubt is that so called independence I'm seeking? Or it's more to anti-social?
Well, assignments still need me to be in a group... So before have time figuring out what it should be, I already stepped out my very first step to find a group... And I found some people to adopt me I think... Haha... Hopefully I will be able to blend into the new bunch of friends! =)

Once again, I went MidValley!
With Ai, Qi and PeiMinn, all just came not in plan....
Ai was at HELP when I finished my class at 11am, and so she offered me a ride to MV KTM station... Anyway, it ended up we went into MV for lunch, and Qi came with PeiMinn too joined us later on... Back at 3.30pm and I only reached home at 5pm...
KTM was delayed again, yes again, like it always do...
Thanks mommy for nagging me to bring umbrella this morning, it rains!
And I didn't get wet! =)

I'm thinking how can I adjust my time so that I can continue teaching my tuition... At least I can earn some to lighten parents' burden, even though that's not much...
Can I have extra 1 day for a week?
Let me sleep for that 24 hours will be good enough! XD

Jiayou lar! =)

** Life doesn't allow us for more sometimes, just appreciate whatever we have! =)

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