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Sunday, August 16, 2009

When bad lucks gone...

First of all, we have to thank Ms. HuiQi for her insistence and carefree attitude that made yesterday picnic a success!

(not really a successful picnic but a FUN day indeed)
Good job Qi! =)

4 cars gathered at Bukit Jalil and we started our journey!
Kak's car was leading, and maybe we're a little bit too fast, so Ai's and Kelly's cars went into wrong exit in a roundabout... Luckily Tham's car was still there to lead them to Alice Smith school to meet us again...
Tham left us to CHS for a meeting, so 3 cars headed to Putrajaya...
The exact place for picnic was still an UNKNOWN...
Oh ya, we stopped by Serdang pasar to buy kites!
Butterfly for me, and eagle for Mei! =)

Passed by Putrajaya Wetland so we decided to picnic there...
Miss the exit at the roundabout so we actually took TWO rounds before exit... XD
Parked our cars, unloaded all food and drinks, started to search for a good picnic spot...
Mei missed the staircase and fell down, hurt her knees and fingers... The guys helped her to wash the wounds...
Poor Mei, she looked pale that time... >.<

Started to picnic! =)

  • Qi made Blueberry Cheesetarts! Not bad not bad! =)
  • Tao made cream puffs, quite nice, just they're not cold enough... And there're puffs without cream too! XD
  • Ai's aunt fried rice for us, thanks alot!
  • Junk food, cakes, cookies and drinks were everywhere too!

  • Kak brought her guitar, played some songs, and people, she wore SKIRT! XD
  • Me and Ai tried to fly the kite yet failed due to no wind... Wasted!
  • Kelly and I went explore to the Flamingo Lake! =)
  • WeiYang brought his book to study because his got tests soon... >.<

Found out that there're bicycles for rent!
Good news for all of us, bad news for BuHuiQi and Yeemun...
Yet they still rented 2 little bicycles to learn! Semangat! =)
Cycled for an hour, returned the bikes, and started the ultimate photo session!

Finally ended the 2-hour-long-photo-session after Tham joined us again...
Hundreds photos were taken and we're now all waiting for Kelly to upload them to FB!
Thanks to Kelly new Canon camera and her tripod stand that drove us crazy! Hahahaha!

Finished lunch at Alamanda and everyone headed home with full of joy and also tiredness!
I straight away dived onto my bed and nap for 3 hours...
Kelly and HuiQi had to get ready to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia concert right after back home, wondered if they would be exhausted?

The night was pretty good for me too!
Had some good talks with couple of friends...

I saw mom's smile finally, frown was replaced last night, I felt relief...
Daddy just back from Sarawak, he didn't scold me a word for banging his car at all, but still very sorry...
I felt loved suddenly, touched...
I have lovely family and friends, I'm grateful! =')

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