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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Move on!

Feel really glad to see JOY through Bei's words finally!

This time I know she's not pretending anymore, she adapted to the life there and finally found her friends very nice in person...
No more complaints from her, all appreciation and thanks...
The one-month-trial-period has not due yet, and you passed the test!
Not with flying colours, yet still, GREAT JOB BEI! =)


"Do you ever think of what made people attracted to you actually?"
"What if one day you lost that?"

"Didn't really think about that before."
"But my brother said hor, guys will find me to tell their problems most probably is because I look like a MOTHER!"
"Motherly love..."
"Don't know should be happy or sad..."

Will think about these questions seriously, tell you if I got my answer!
Don't forget to tell me yours too! XD


Picnic on - off - on - off - ON!
Everything will be okay, and everyone will be having fun I hope!
See you all this weekend!

** Sorry Ai and Qi for my bad temper that day, Blueberry Cheesetarts for your girls next time! =)

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