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Thursday, May 28, 2009


My first off day for work!
Back to UTAR with Han-Ming to get results slip and apply for withdrawal... Then we headed to HELP for course enquiry... We lost our way although I tried very hard to recognize the road but still failed, neither Han-Ming's GPS work I think... Haha... We finally reached there through Bangsar way...
Met two kind and helpful student advisors and they told a lot to us, hold us for about an hour... I'm more clear about my course but I think Han-Ming is more struggling about his future now...
Take your time to make your right choice ba! =)

Had lunch at MidValley Oasis Food Court... The Portuguisse Grill Fish recognized by Han-Ming realli not bad... I had Ikan Bawal + Sotong and he had Ikan Bawal + Bendi... And I had a Mango de Longan Ice, which taste weird and full of colouring! >.<

This Saturday might have dinner with Serdang gang... Miss them so much after started work! Hope we'll have a great night! =)

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