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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommy Day! ^^

Just back from family dinner, updates a lot with cousins... Just suddenly realized that we all have grown up, all can drive on our own and some already have boyfriend... Yet seeing the younger batch of cousins, they seem lack of interaction... Unlike our childhood, now they all used to play on their handphones or with their earphones on... How frustrated to see this! However, I'm still glad to meet with grandma today, seeing her recovers well from surgery, and with her new hairstyle!
Happy Mothers' Day to my dearest mommy and grandma! =)

** Me & grandma ** =)

** Cousin & Grandma **

** Grabbed them for photo before left **

** My brothers with grandma **

** Mommy refused to take pictures again, she always claims that she doesn't look good in pictures...
But I hope I can have at least ONE photo with you! ='(

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