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Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday

It's my little brother's birthday today!

He turns thirteen already!
Well, frankly I'm not a good sister to him, nor he being a good brother to me indeed... We almost argue or tease each other everyday... Like what my mommy said:"前世掺乱骨头!" (direct-translation: our bones mixed up last time)... Anyhow, he is still my brother and I will forever be his sister, just perhaps argue is the way we communicate well?
Actually sometimes I wonder am I being a good sister, in fact I'm not, particularly not a responsible one... I have been scolded selfish many times, either by mom or elder brother...
I just cannot tolerate with my little brother, how come?

It's okie, I believe when we grown up next time, we will be more mature (I admit I'm immature yet now) and understanding, and we will turn into a pair of caring siblings!


** I'll try to get you a Magic Cube for present, I know you like it...
Let me see whether I can find the dimensions that you want, k? XD

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