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Saturday, April 04, 2009


Long time didn't update my blog, due to my assignments season, and also brother's assignments... Yea, brother is rushing his graduation project, so I cannot be so bad to fight with him for the computer...
Anyway, I'm done with assignments!
2 presentations and 1 drama left for next week, and I'll be FREE!
Going to end my foundation in UTAR soon, I don't know how to describe my feelings... I'm not don't miss anyone or anything there, I miss many of them actually... Feel like there are something not done yet, so incomplete... My university life will becomes college life soon? I feel abit helpless actually... Lost in my own world...

Dear, I'm surprised, I'm glad, and I'm very touched to hear that!
Meanwhile, you made me feel sad too, I started to worry...
Where and when will be my turn?
Anyway, I'll be waiting patiently while seeing you drowning in the river of happiness... You must continue to be more and more xing fu, k? =)

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