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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Initially Monday I should be going Avenue K (somewhere near KLCC?) with Qi, Ai, Bei, Hei, Xing and Kelly, for HuiQi's be-earlied and my belated birthday outing... However, it had been canceled as Qi got sunburn after back from camp... So it will be probably postponed to the last week of March, when Qi back from her China trip...

Couldn't get to see Bei, gotta wait for two more weeks... And Qi will be welcoming her nineteenth in China, happy happy? I know you will miss us! Haha...
See whether I remember to wish you or not lar, k? XD


Plan suddenly been canceled for Monday, yet I still feel like going out... Hence I asked Han-Ming and Jeng to come over Serdang for a one-day-trip... They managed to find my house, thanks alot to Han-Ming's GPS... They reached earlier than expected, so I let them waited for half an hour outside my house... Not my fault, I invited them in, but they just refused to get down from the car as it was raining...

We had Fish Head Noodle for brunch, and talked about our degree courses there for almost an hour... Both of them just couldn't make their final decisions... So we then went to pick Hei, and had some TongShui outside her house... Headed to Mines after that for movie... Watched Watchmen, an almost three-hour movie... It was freezing cold inside the cinema, and the movie was so damn long! Me and Hei rushed to the ladies right after the movie end...

We settled our dinner at Hoi Tong, BBQ Steamboat buffet! We spent almost 4 hours there... Seriously I ate a lot that night, it's then reflects on the weighing machine... Have to cut down meals for the following weeks already... We had so much fun during steamboat, especially when Han-Ming boiled his Lotus Root Soup! He somemore asked for other ingredients for his soup... Me and Hei laughed throughout the dinner, spending time with the two brothers really a great fun... The night ended when they got back home with the aid of GPS...

** Han-Ming's Lotus Root Soup! **

** GPS is really useful! But why my house area couldn't be found on GPS?
** Now only I know listen to Buddhist literature songs do help to gain carpark luck? XD


Burdened with assignments! However, I'm still not really sure what should we do for the assignments, so I'm now doing, nonsense? Aiks! No more excuses to be lazy, I must not drag my groups down, I must catch up with their progress!
7 weeks for Sem 3, it should be over fast, isn't it?
So just work hard for 2 months! =)


Daddy was sick last few days, and today the blood report is out... He got dengue fever... Never see him looks so sicky, I think he seriously need a good rest and treatment this time... He might staying in hospital tonight, depends on his condition later... Hope he will recover soon!
Get well soon daddy! =)

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