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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm back!

After my computer's motherboard damaged and sent for repair for 1 week, finally it's back today! =)

Too many to be updated, yet I'm now in assignment-rushing-season...
So I will post some photos when I'm free as the updates...

2 assignments due next week!
Presentations will be on the following weeks!
What to do?
RUSH first!
Anyway, Web Page Design mid-term test tomorrow, good luck everyone!
All the best to my friends who are sitting for their trials in Taylors A-Level too!
Yours will be definitely tougher than mine, so must work harder! =)

** 读完《左耳》和《左耳终结》,饶雪漫,还真有你的!
** 不知不觉又想起,不知不觉却学会了隐藏,不知不觉该学会慢慢放下、释怀,对吧?

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