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Friday, February 06, 2009

Too much...

Actually I got quite a number of things to write, yet I just cannot find de appropriate words, and not in de mood maybe? The things happened recently are all doubtful, and confusing... Moreover I'm still having my finals (last 2 papers!), so everything just mixed up, causing me find no where to begin de post, of course not in study mood as well!
Tomorrow Mathematics paper and Public Speaking on Tuesday, and I'll be free! Hope that de Maths paper tomorrow will be easy as I haven't even start my revision by now (again, NO MOOD)!
Too many thinkings and feelings in heart, yet I still unable to find a better way to express them out...
Feel like yelling~
Too many turning points in life! >.<

**How can I didn't realize de thing which I usually highly sensitive to?
Exams distracted me, or something faded without notice...

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