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Monday, February 16, 2009

Single's Valentines =)

14th February will not be a special day for me, if it's not one of my jimuis - Xing's birthday... This year, most of us are still unoccupied (sigh!), so we can still spend our Valentines Day with her...
Special thanks to KahEng and YaoXuen for celebrating their day with us, sorry for being "light bulbs"! XD

After discussing for whole night, finally a few of us planned to go Xing's house to bake her birthday cake... I wonder how Xing made her cakes and muffins previously, as I really found that her house lack of many baking apparatus, even some basic ones...
Well, after shouting and screaming for some "accidents", we still successfully had her cake done... Luckily her oven didn't burst like what she scared us... The decoration part was fun yet we still made a mistake to let Xing get the chocolate...
Xing, you made the decorations look so imbalance! >.<

Although our self-made cake looked not so nice as the one her mom bought from Secret Recipe, but it's from us, so I hope she likes it too! =)

At night, Kak and Utan came to meet us and we went The Mines to have our dinner... HanYong joined us after picking JingHooi and ChiaLit from KTM station... YaoXuen and KahEng back to Xing's house to take the cake as we forgot to bring it along... Almost all the restaurants there were fully seated, so we went Food & Tea Restaurant where we can found empty tables to fit in 10 of us... We sang birthday song (Vitas' version by ChiaLit) and Xing cut the cake...
Self-made cake always taste more delicious! =)

It was only about 10pm when we left, so we decided to go yumcha at Steven's Corner... Kak and Utan left us by that time as they had to reach home earlier... Steven's Corner was fully seated when we reached, so we headed to another mamak... There we all ordered Teh O Ais Limau and Ais Limau... We were extremely thirsty that time due to ChiaLit's jokes (laugh too much will make people thirsty as well)... By then JingHooi reminded me that Qian Li Zhi Wai are all there that night! What a good memory of them after 2 years didn't gather together...
No wonder that night was full of laughters! =)

All of us went home at 12am+, there we end our Valentines Day, and Xing is officially 19 now... I was extremely tired and felt a little feverish, so I had a long sleep until noon of the next day... Thanks Xing for letting us had a chance to gather some of our old friends, joked and laughed... If your birthday is not fall on 14th February, I think I'll be watching TV at home, celebrating my single day... Therefore, even if anyone of us coupled next year, or the following years, we'll still celebrate with you like what KahEng did, okie?
Anyway, next year is an exception as 14th February 2010 will be the
first day of CNY
as well! XD


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