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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Old plan new mates!

Today de "world peace" gang and de 2 "world war" couple went to Secret Recipe for lunch... After we finished our meals and cakes, Hei suddenly suggested that we gam fei together... Then everyone was like so active, shared some gam fei methods and complaint how fat are they now...
Well, girls will never feel that they are slim, e
venthough some are already like a stick... Therefore, we made an agreement, whereby we need to change our meals habit, exercise everyday and must achieve our target respectively!
Jaya One
is now a NO for us, and most of de cafeteria food is also under de banned list now... We just don't want to get fatter and fatter!
Slimmer girls always look prettier!

This quote not 100% correct, but it works somehow...

So let's gam fei together girls! =)

Here's some photos of "before"...
Hope de "after" will be really slimmer! =)

** Complicated relationship **

** Ke Li Si Ding & me **

** Don't suspect us! **

** I want at least 3kg lesser! **

1 comment:

小菜 said...

totally agree!!!
ban jaya one!!!haha...