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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Branched road again...

It's de fifth day of study week, I guess many of my coursemates have done at least 1/3 of their revisions? Maybe some has already done half?
I only finished 3 chapters of Chemistry!
In another words, I just started my revision! @.@
I was thinking to finish my revision as fast as possible, so that I won't need to celebrate my CNY with notes, but now de plan seems to be failed...
My CNY will be with notes!
What a sad CNY! >.<

Daddy asked me about my degree course again...
As usual, I gave de universal answer:
Don't know yet!

I'm not purposely neglect this question but I had think about it over and over again, yet I still cannot get a final conclusion... So I keep on extending de deadline for de final answer for myself... I know I'm irresponsible to my future of doing that...

If I choose to stay in UTAR, what other Phyics stream courses can I choose?
I hate Physics seriously, so I left only Chemistry or Chemical Engineering for choices?
(actuarial science is totally out of topic now)
What if I transfer college?
I was thinking to pursue my most original dream course which is Psychology, in HELP... However, I haven't check out yet whether they accept Science's foundation student for an art-based course or not... And I haven't check for de details of prices, scholarships and loans...
These surveys should have been done when I was fresh graduated?
See, now gotta suffer again...

In fact, it's not so hard to make decision based on only those realistic facts, but I just cannot figure out what I really want... This question I should have answered it 1 year ago, when I registered for UTAR? Yea, I seriously don't know what's de answer yet by now...
Is it a job-guaranteed course?
Is it too hard for me to do this course?
Am I really interested in it?
Is this course suit me?
Will I regret half-way on de track?
Too many question marks in my head now...

Choosen UTAR for my tertiary study might not be de best choice after all perhaps?

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