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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


After two days burning midnight oil, finally I've our programming assignment DONE! =)
And due to this assignment, I found out that I'm totally not in programming! So if you need help, as long as regarding computer, please don't look for me, k??

Now I should be having my programming lecture class?
Yeap, I'm skipping class for today! XD
Will only attend Public Speaking class later, as I'm still home now...
Not only me de bad girl of course, Hei is also home now, because she is fetching me today!
We're going to Sunway Pyramid after class later, for KTV, for countdown!
I'm not sure whether can I stay overnight at WanJun's house, as I was not home as well after X'mas countdown just few days ago...
For sure mommy will mumble a lot, so I better don't take de risk?
Anyway, just enjoy later first! =)

Seize de last day to make your 2008 complete ya! =)

** Will blog my 2008 summary soon, be patient ya! =)


Pres said...

Sigh no countdown for me =(

SVoon said...

frankly I dun like countdown, those foam and alcoholic drinks, all not my type...
I rather go ur house be pig! XD