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Monday, November 17, 2008


I'm confused and blurred!

Today morning our group broke a test tube with ammonia inside, and de pungent smell was really strong! Almost whole class ran out from de lab because cannot stand for de smell... Well, don't know whether is Fong was blurred today or de test tube rack really no good...
Anyway, Fong, don't look so stressed! Everyone can sense ur abnormal today... Share ya if got problems! =)

We almost spent our lunch time to rush de programming assignment and talk show outline... I thought our talk show concept is not that good and think of want to change topic after that... We're like squeezing a 20-episode-drama into 20-minutes talk show... Who knows Mr. Joe said it is quite interesting... So, instead of redo everything, we decided to modify the storyline only... Our presentation will be on week 10, so I bet we won't prepare until de last few days... That's normal, typically our style! XD

Me and Hei both felt like vomitting after lunch... Cannot vomit out but feel so unwell... We blame de mamak food, but now I suddenly realized something... Does de ammonia chemicals affect anything? Anyway, Chemistry lecture after that made us so blur... Everyone is getting crazy for Chemistry! It covers 4 chapters (which I cannot say ONLY), but it's like having finals... There are so many to memorise! I hope I won't mix everything up IF I can memorise ALL (which is quite impossible)... Good luck! =)

When get back from uni, Ivan suddenly messaged me in MSN, saying that we actually haven't done our programming assignment! There is still other thing to be accomplished and attached with de assignment...
Gosh, teach me how to print de black box!

Tell me in details what we actually need to do for our assignment as well please... Why she didn't brief us on de assignment! She really said nothing about it... Pissed off! =.=

This week faster go away~ I want to go 1U~
Hope it will be ON, but not buburchacha! XD

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