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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tagged by BC... (2nd time)

1. Six people to tag:
☆ Amanda
☆ Cheng Chun
☆ Jyh Ling
☆ Rachel
☆ Denise
☆ Chee Kin

2. Six things I'm passionate about:
☆ Eat (that's why so easy to get fat)
☆ Go KTV
☆ Baking
☆ Shopping (how good if not only window-shopping)
☆ Chat with FRIENDSSSsss
☆ Cam whore

3. Six things I say too often:
☆ Gosh!
☆ Har?!
☆ Ooooo...
☆ Yerrr~
☆ Aikzzz...
☆ "Xi Guan Jiu Hao!"

4. Six books I've read recently:
☆ ECON reference book
☆ CS reference book
☆ I can't think of any already... XD
**Searching for a book named "SECRET"!!!**

5. Six songs I listen to again and again:
☆ A Moment Like This [Leona Lewis]
☆ Here I Am [Leona Lewis]
☆ 伯乐 [林宥嘉]
☆ 下一个天亮 [郭静]
☆ 爱过 [F.I.R.]
☆ 传说 [林宥嘉 & 刘立扬]

6. Six things I learnt in the past year:
☆ Just speak out what you wanna tell!
☆ Life without money will be hard...
☆ Friends got different types, be with de type you like...
☆ Don't talk bad about others!
(especially at somewhere that de person may appear)
☆ When somebody choose to hide something from you,
he must got his own reason, so don't ask...
☆ Learn to lurv myself, before I can lurv others... =)

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