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Friday, August 29, 2008

Last day of 1st sem...

First semester of my foundation just ended today, 14 weeks, it's over!

** TD5 with Miss Nalini**

** de Elegant Rachel & Me **

Hmm, not feeling very sad because I'm more nervous on de coming finals... Next week will be de study week, and de following weeks I'll be sitting for 1st sem finals... I really not yet start my revision!!! Yeap, not even know which subject to start with...
Besides , coursework mark for all subjects have already posted out, and I didn't really do well in Physics and English... I'm darn worried about my Physics ar!!! Why we need to study Physics... =.=
Oh ya, my mid-term marks for Econ is wrongly key-in!!! But I haven't manag
e to reach either Ms Nalini or Miss Ngo for correction... UTAR too high-tech already, so later I'm going to EMAIL them...

Today we skipped English class (again)... As I heard, there were just 7 students from our class present, not even one from de other class... So de lecturer was quite angry... Last lecture of de last day, that's what we gave de lecturer, so guilty lar! Luckily de 7 students of my class didn't choose to skip class at de very last moment like us... @.@

We went Tasty Treats for lunch today... We met a model with her friends there! Erm, if anyone can recall about de advertisement of Brands Bird Nest, she is de one who acts as de young and pretty mother... She is prettier than in TV... Okie, back to our lunch... De dishes are delicious, and later on we ordered 3 pieces of cakes, with NO CANDLES, to celebrate Bon Bon's be-earlied burfdae... His burfdae is on 9-11, yeap, its 11th of Sept... We celebrated it earlier has nothing to do with his special burfdae date, just because during that time we'll be having finals, and no one will bother about him I think...
So, Happy Be-earlied 18th Burfdae to Boon Fong~ =

** Burfdae CakessssS **

** Me, Shiang & Janell **

** >>>>> **

** Hapeee Burfdae!!! =) **

Six weeks to Sem 2,
Six weeks for changes...
Glad to see you on de last day! =)

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