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Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Friday =)

Wheee~ Tomorrow going CHEUNG K~ Be punctual ya!!! XD

Finally my Econ presentation is over... Next Monday will be de CS presentation... My Econ presentation diz morning was not too bad I think, at least I can still speak fluently without memorizing... And my group members did a good job too, well done!!! =)
Today we are wearing formal attire, no doubt that we have taken an ALBUM of photos again!!! XD

** Mee Yun & Me **

** Joshin & Me **

** My Group **

And for de very first time, our tutorial group - TD5 took a group photo!!!
But too bad 3 people absent today... Aikzzz!!!

** TD 5 **

Oh ya, they say I look like CEO in my formal attire!!! What do you think??

** so-called "CEO" **

For your info, I didn't fall down or twist my legs today! BUT my high heels got abit "rosak" after de presentation... So I actually walked like my leg twisted, so damn ugly! Yerrrrr~ Anyway, thanks to Shiang for lending me your another pair of slippers ya! It really helps alot! =)
I think my feet are too big to make all my shoes damage easily... I am so envy you gurls whose feet are just nice in size ler!!!
Aikzz, born like dat mar, what to do?? =.=

Just got de test papers back for Math, Chemistry and Physics diz week... Finally I passed my Phy~ Although its at de edge of passing, but I am still very happy!! Chemistry, erm, got improvement too, but I did some careless mistakes, should be can score higher marks... I didn't do well in Math compared to de first test, but de mark still satisfying... English test paper will be giving back next week... Hope I can get "unexpected" high marks lar! Good Luck to me!!! XD

Happy Friday ya everyone! ^^

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