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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gurl Friendssss Day~

Yeap!!! It's today~ I have been waiting for today soooooo long time ago!
And it turned up being FISHY for Nth times, but yet it's fun!

Know what? We actually went in a restaurant (with just a few customers inside) and sat down, looking at de menu and start discussing... After a few minutes, de first waiter came forward to take order for us, but we asked him to come back after awhile... Yeap, we were actually planning how to slip out after going thru de menu... De menu has no problem of course, its just we don't like dose dishes dere...
Guess what? We then stand up, and walked out like nothing happened, after de second waiter came forward to take order... See, that's what I called FISHY! Okie nevermind, I already expected today we will be doing all dese extraordinary thingy... But it's so strange that doing all dese stupid stuffs with you gurls never make me feel stupid, yet I feel fun! Not when with others, really, only when with you gurls, I can enjoy every single second! Btw, BC, I know you're de Oscar award holder, but please cut down ur acting times k?? We act like, erm, more than 5 times, with de same dialog, same people and same scene...
Act something else next time please! =.=

So after leaving de 1st restaurant, we went to de Gardens to search for another restaurant... Finally we decided to have our lunch in a Thai Cuisine restaurant (de name is Flying Chilies if I am not mistaken)... Diz time we didn't run away after sitting down, BUT we changed tables for 3 times!!! From inside to outside and back to inside... It's okie for me because at least we're not changing restaurant again... XD
Okie, we can have our lunch already~ We spent almost like, erm, half an hour to choose and make an order... Thai Fish Cake (Huiqi so called "apa-apa"), Thai Stir-fried Spaghetti, Thai Pineapple Fried Rice with Prawn and a spicy chicken dishes... OMG, de spaghetti is EXPLOSIVE (with 2 chilies symbol beside de dish's name!)!!! Well, we still manage to finish it up, although everyone was having RED burnt lips, and my tears kept dropping... Luckily dere was a Pineapple fried rice, and 3 slices of CUCUMBER beside, and Aiqun's mineral water! All de dishes are delicious, yet de spicy spaghetti is HOT and SYOK!!! XD
Photo session started after that as usual~ =)

Our MAKAN session haven't end yet! So we went to Zenmai, de place where Huiqi and Aiqun worked dere before, to enjoy dessert... We thought of changing place for dessert session when BC said de price is not worthy, but luckily we didn't! Hehe... We ate something for free! Well, can say that someone belanja us maybe?? XD
AGAIN, we took lots of photo dere... Chit-chat and laugh until all de customers in de restaurant looking at us... We are damn noisy I know, but we're just out of control! XD
And de egg-tart and Tako after dessert... So I didn't take my dinner today!

Hmm, recalling what you gurls told me just now: Don't be EMO all de time, because EMO can spread, and I will affect de people around me... Yea, I promise I will try not to be so EMO, k?? Even if I emo oso spread to you 3 only lar, k?? Coz I know you 3 won't be so easy affected by me, rite?? XD Your laughters are stronger than my emo I know... Hehehehe...

So when will be de next time we hanging out together again?? At least once a sem if possible... I really really miss you gurls! Thanks for everything!


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