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Monday, August 25, 2008

Eat eat eat...

We're not upset nor frustrated...
We've no problems or difficulties recently...
We're quite carefree instead...

HOWEVER, we eat alot recently!!!

Yea, during break time, after having meals in cafeteria, we will always search for some other junk food to eat... Today, we feel bored towards apollo, mamee or ice-cream in cafeteria already... SO, we went Tasty Treats for snacks! Four of us ate 3 pieces of cakes and a plate of french fries... After finish eating, me and Hei felt like abit guilty, because we ate alot, and we will grow fatter!!!
See, that's what girls always feel after eating more... So torturing... =.=

But wonder why so UNFAIR that no matter how much Bon Bon has eaten, even everyday he goes to sleep immediately after meals, HE IS STILL AS THIN AS SKELETON!!! And somemore he keep telling us that he wants to gain fatsssssssssss~
**Kill me please, if not please kill him**

Aikzzz, nevermind lar, fat then fat lor... Eat comes first! XD

** American Chocolate **

** de 4 keep-eating-monsters **

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